Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Skull Buckle – Silver


This buckle is another dream come true. After a long hard search on the internet, I had to conclude my dream buckle didn’t exist. See, it’s not that I have expensive tastes, but rather the things I want… often don’t exist. “Be the change you want tot see in the world,” they say! So, along with my fantasy dino-knocker, I made this Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Skull Buckle (still needs a better name). It comes ready to rock right out of the box on a black leather belt. Perfect for cosplay and coslife!

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This buckle is molded off a hand-sculpted relief of a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s fossilized skull.

One of the incredible pieces of ingenuity incorporated here is the thick gauge wire embedded in the back of this resin buckle. It’s designed and shaped to function with the same strength and precision of a typical buckle but this one is entirely handmade.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Skull Buckle
(dimensions: 2 3/4″x 3/4″x 2″)

  • cast in urethane resin: high-strength
  • hand painted: antique silver
  • clear-coated: shiny
  • black full-grain leather belt: large (one size fit’s all)

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 x .75 x 2 in


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