Solar System Bracelet


Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that wherever your next adventure takes you, beings throughout the universe will know what solar system you call home. Worn by top space adventurers and intergalactic travelers. Perfect for kids!


“As time traveling space explorer, I understand and appreciate the importance of these Solar system ID bracelets. In a Romulath system, one of these is the difference between being recognized as an O2 (oxygen) breathing Earthling a G7 (glasthularm) breathing KasMar. Thank you for providing this important service.”

Anslo Orange/ Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2087


Our solar system… unique in all the universe.

Each bracelets displays meticulously chosen beads representing our Solar System’s planets in their correct order, proper colors and relative sizes.

The SPACEr beads (between the planets) come in a limited variety of colors including the metallic purple depicted [I shall post other options].  Strung on elastic chord for comfort and easy wrist application, each bracelet is made to order to assure this solar system isn’t too vast for your wrist.

Please be sure to provide wrist size with your order.


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