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Back when the oceans of earth were teeming with life, the beaches were a popular place of recreation for the humans. Some would frolic, while others rested. There were those who would paddle right out into the water to catch a tide on their water boards.  Still others would use a primitive divining rod, search through the sands, listening for treasure-cans. After the coast lands became too toxic for biological organisms, the Hermit Crab Bots (HCB) were invented to autonomously search for treasure-cans and other metallic objects buried on the dessert beaches.

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Not an insect but still in the arthropod family, this bot was inspired by the cracked shell it carries (found at a local park).

This Hermit Crab Bot is based on the anatomical structure of living hermit crabs (which are a bit freaky). He is not permanently attached to his shell, as his abdomen was built to curl into the shell much like a living hermit crab does.


Hermit Crab Bot

  • He is an original sculpture made of wire, clay, and wooden beads. He is a free standing sculpture (neither affixed to a base or his shell).
  • His dimension are 3 1/2″ wide, 3 1/2″ front to back, 3″ tall. He is extremely fragile and should be handled sparingly, very gently, and is most definitely not a toy.

Comes complete with…

  • Fishbowl Terrarium (7″ diameter, round): for safe and fun display *also causes viewers to initially think it’s a real crab (hehe)*
  • Natural sand and Shells (aproximately 2 1/2 cups): to mimic artificial crab’s natural habitat


This is a one of a kind work of art, never to be exactly reproduced.


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