Bug Chess Set with Cigar Box Board


Take the battle to the board like never before! Chessterbate your brains out with these handmade pieces, including a unique and stylish upcycled game board (with ample storage to safely house all the pieces).


A one of a kind, handmade chess set is a rare thing. I assume that making 16 Pawns, all the exact same size and shape, is a pretty daunting task for any sculptor. And after all that’s done, there’s still 16 more pieces to create! It’s quite a commitment, and I have a number of blogs recording 3 different chess sets I began over the years (and still have yet to finish them). Having collected all the upcycled materials for this undertaking I began my 4th chess set, this chess set, determined to finish it too.

It was a lengthy process to design 6 unique wire insects (each able to fit within a 1″ square) and another lengthy process to build the 32 individual figures:

  • Wasps (x2) – Kings
  • Bees (x2) – Queens
  • Praying Mantises (x4) – Bishops
  • Scorpions (x4) – Knights
  • Spiders (x4) – Rooks
  • Ants (x16) – Pawns


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