Adoptable Antperson


Ant people! They’re incredibly popular!

A lot of personality in a teeny-tiny package.


Back when I was preparing for one of my first art shows, I realized at the last minute that I didn’t have any display cards for my art. Whereas a normal person would get notecards to write on and display next to their art, I had an idea; a more complicated and time consuming idea: since many of my sculptures were of insects, why not have an army of ants holding signs! I immediately started experimenting with a couple designs,  created a pattern, and made about 15 ants the night before the show. The night of the show I sold one of the sculptures I specifically brought to sell… and about 10 of the ant people that were only there for display.

They’re charming little dudes!

  • Comes standard on a bottle cap platform.
  • Made to order especially specifically for you.

[These are not meant to be action figures. Bending their limbs or antenna may result in breakage.]


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