The Weekend

I don’t plan to post on the weekends, BUT I received a commission, for a “stylized dinosaur” (certainly not a dragon) lighter cover. I’m currently 7 hours into the sculpt and plan to have a bunch of progress images on Monday.

Have a great weekend!







the Chess set

…has been an ominous undertaking, YEARS in the making. Originally, I shelved the idea once it sunk in that I’d be sculpting 32 separate pieces, 16 of which needed to be fairly identical… ugh. But now, having spent years honing my skills at moldmaking I’ve returned to the idea. I went right to it, sculpting…



…better known as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC… yes, like the pipes) is produced by polymerization of the vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), as depicted… pretty awesome huh?! Not only is this substance used to make sewage pipes, wire insulation, clothing, upholstery, shoes, vinyl records and more – a sculptable version of this substance is what we know as Polymer Clay. [dropcap_1] P [/dropcap_1] olymer…


Hair Tutorial

I recieved a lot of questions after the last post asking how to sculpt hair. I am in fact the son of a hairdresser, and like the old saying goes about the mechanics car always being broken – my car is broken. My experimentation with sculpting hair all began with this commissioned piece below. It’s…