Dana Forte a.k.a. Solafar


Back in the mid 90’s I was a just a kid on the hunt for identity with creativity boiling inside me. Almost my entire high-school and college focus was theater. One of the reasons I chose theater was because all the other creative curricular and extra curricular creative courses required you to buy specific tools and other supplies, but with theater you just had to be there and be creative. I poured my heart into acting; it was my identity and remained my identity for years to follow… but truth be told it is a tough career to maintain into adulthood, especially if you’re not a brash person (which I am not).

Side work that was meant to supplement my acting career became my main work: landscaping, bars, hotels, book stores, assembly lines, art galleries and deliveries. I had so many jobs over the years besides acting work that my career path became a joke, and I felt like a joke. Even then, in my free time I would draw or paint, sculpt with clay or build something out of cardboard.

Whether or not I have an audience, I love to make things! It was about 5 years ago, with no small amount of prodding from friends, that I began displaying my creations in art shows and other public events. My personal laboratory is now brimming with bots, beasts, and ideas yet to be incarnated.

The World of Steampunk

Depending on which resource you reference, be it Wikipedia or Steampunk.com, you will find a variety of answers and interpretations to this creative movement that has been growing in popularity. It’s instantly recognizable, but difficult to explain.

Steampunk is a sub-genre of speculative fiction, usually set in an Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. The term “Steampunk” originated in the late 1980’s from science fiction author K. W. Jeter who described steampunk by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.”

Recycled Materials

Frequently, if not always, recycled materials play a large role in my work: cardboard, bottles, wire, watch parts, electrical Everything is handmade.

All of my art is custom made but I also have plenty of sculptures which can be purchased immediately. Every sculpture is unique but on request I can make a replica of previous work. The differences in those replicas can be seen in unique details and therefore remain one-of-a-kind pieces. My artwork knows no boundaries and all sculptures can be shipped worldwide.

How to become a Steampunk-art owner

You can simply purchase items that are available by clicking the “Add to Cart” button in the Shop.

Below the “Shop” button at the top of the page you will find the “My Cart” and “Checkout” buttons.

  • “My Cart” can be used to verify and modify which items you’d like to purchase.
  • “Checkout” is where you will enter your billing/shipping information.

You will be redirected to the security page of Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal Account you can choose several other options for payment.

After receiving your shipping location, I will then be able to provide a bill for shipping costs. Items can also be picked-up or delivered if you are in the South Florida area. My private laboratory is located in Oakland Park, FL.